It is not only a Wedding

Storehouse of million memories,
Each of them dearly cherished.
Each one we imagine then we hope to make it reality of our life.

Indian weddings have traditionally been considered a marriage of two families.rather than just a marriage of the bride and groom. The wedding can be anywhere from 1 days to a week. Which includes several events.

The Engagement serve as the agreement between the families of the future bride and groom. Here wedding date is also set.

The functions proceed with lots of rituals Sangeet, mahendi, Haldi, Baraat, ceremony under Mandap,kanya Daan, Mangalphera, saath vachan and ends with Aashirwad

This is the time where a girl bid adieu to her family she has always known and start walking the path that leads her to the married life that awaits her.

Wedding is not just a events of life it is something very precious. The moments are attached with lot’s of emotions. Each part of the ceremony holds deep emotions for everyone in the family.

We want you to enjoy each moment of the precious dream wedding and involved yourself with family to create most precious and beautiful memories. Make us the part of your best project to work for you and to make your moment wonderful

Published by Pushpa Choudhary

Pushpa Choudhary an Event organizer at KRD Group also work for brands for promotion and review .We work for any kind of Event and Handles the client’s needs and work with them in terms of planning the venue, creating the concept of the event, technical particulars. Also like to work for different kinds of shows and brands.Which is useful

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