Why you should join Startup Meet

Why Attend the Zeal 2021 Meet? Develop leadership skills that are transferable to the workplace Share best practices and meet leaders Network with other leaders to find solutions to your latest challenges If you are from startup background, and want to have a community, you can join us at our next event on March 13thContinue reading “Why you should join Startup Meet”

New evidence CBT can help treat sleep, depression cycle

Insomnia causing sleepless nights, daytime fatigue and poor health outcomes is a cycle worth busting, experts say, with depression, anxiety and stress a common co-occurrence. A study of more than 450 insomnia patients in Australia has confirmed some positive results for such patients with insomnia. The Flinders University researchers found not only that a programContinue reading “New evidence CBT can help treat sleep, depression cycle”

New clues about the link between stress and depression

After experiencing trauma or severe stress, some people develop an abnormal stress response or chronic stress. This increases the risk of developing other diseases such as depression and anxiety, but it remains unknown what mechanisms are behind it or how the stress response is regulated. The research group at Karolinska Institutet has previously shown thatContinue reading “New clues about the link between stress and depression”

Let your hope not your hurt shape your future

Allow yourself to go through whatever you are going through without shame, guilt, and regrets The life you are now living – with its many ups and downs, is the result of all your past thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. If there is suffering in the present, the past has not been forgiven. If you wantContinue reading “Let your hope not your hurt shape your future”

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